Tuesday , March 21 2023

AAPL intraday record of all time, the market capitalization is 1.5 tons

AAPL stock has set an all-time intraday record and recently hit $ 326.52.

Intraday means the highest point a share reaches between opening and closing. As a rule, this point is higher than the opening or closing price …

Intraday highs aren’t that important in themselves, but day traders can look at them as a sell signal, and large differences between intraday highs and lows can indicate volatility in current stock trading.

The new record was noted by CNBC.

AAPL shares plummeted in February and March due to concerns about supply chain disruption, but rose relatively steadily in April and May.

Some investors may have seen the fall in March as a buying opportunity. A recent filing with the SEC found that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for example, bought 501,044 shares of AAPL in the first quarter of the year.

However, most major investors see AAPL as a long-term investment that is less concerned with short-term rises and falls. The billionaire Warren Buffett believes that his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway has steadily increased its holdings.

Apple’s market cap is currently $ 1,420,000,000,000.

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