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Apple TV + faces the corona virus crisis when Disney + releases its theatrical release

Streaming video services such as Apple TV + and Disney + face a “corona virus crisis” in their release plans. The blockage means that productions have been put on hold and potential gaps in their programming plans will remain later.

Disney + is reported to use one of its key benefits in the marketplace to address these gaps …

The WSJ Disney reports that Disney plans to use a combination of old and new films to make its streaming service more attractive.

Shutting down Hollywood disrupts the Disney + pipeline.

Walt Disney’s flagship streaming service gets a big boost from subscribers who are stuck at home because they often stay at home. However, some of the largest releases on the platform stopped production due to the novel outbreak of the corona virus.

To get subscribers excited, Disney prematurely moved some major movie releases to the streaming service. The latest Star Wars film, “The Rise of Skywalker”, will be launched as part of a fan event two months before the scheduled date.

The company is also dismantling its back catalog and asking viewers earlier this week to look at decades-old titles like the 1971 musical “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” and favorites from the 1990s like “Sister Act”.

This allows Disney to use its back catalog and films that have been filmed but not yet released. In contrast, Apple TV + will have a much harder time with its own corona virus crisis. It is believed that the company has not yet finished filming in the upcoming seasons of The morning show for all mankind, and servant when it was forced to stop filming, which meant that there might be a lack of programming to convince people to pay for the service after their one-year trial period.

Apple is taking steps to improve its content, including free EPIX access and free trials of other services:

  • EPIX – Free access until May 2nd, no subscription required
  • Arrow Video Channel – One-month trial for new subscribers, then $ 4.99 per month
  • History Channel Vault – 1-month trial for new subscribers, then $ 4.99 per month
  • Lifetime Movie Club – One-month trial for new subscribers, then $ 3.99 per month
  • Noggin – Temporary 2-month trial for new subscribers, then $ 7.99 a month
  • PBS Living – One month limited trial for new subscribers, then $ 2.99 per month
  • Showtime – One month limited trial for new subscribers, then $ 10.99 a month
  • Acorn TV – One-month trial for new subscribers, then $ 5.99 a month
  • Smithsonian Channel Plus – Time-limited one-month trial for new subscribers, then $ 4.99 per month
  • A&E – One-month trial for new subscribers, then $ 4.99 per month

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