Tuesday , March 21 2023

Apple’s new TV show sales offer iconic full series starting at $ 10

Apple has a new TV show sale this morning that offers remarkable discounts on a number of popular shows. As always, each becomes a permanent addition to your content collection. With so many series Switch Streaming platforms in the coming year, this is a great chance to block your favorite content. Hit the jump for all of our top picks.

Headlining today is certain Seasons 1-10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm for $ 79.99. With last season in tow, this is a great time to add Larry David’s legendary series to your library at a discount of the usual $ 170. This is the best offer we have ever followed.

Other notable offerings include:

In the meantime, Apple’s weekend movie sales are still live with offers from $ 5. You will find a number of action titles and film packages that are marked until tonight.

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