Thursday , 21 September 2023
Business Blouses – Classic blouses for leisure

Business Blouses – Classic blouses for leisure

Classic blouses

You should not miss in any wardrobe: the classic blouses. Because of their elegant, timeless look they are true combination talents, which can be combined with numerous looks. They match elegant business pants, casual jeans and stylish skirts. The style classics are sometimes quite puristic and sometimes in a striking look.

This is what classic blouses look like

It has a waisted design, a collar and a single-row placket – the classic blouse. It consists of a pleasant material, such as cotton or polyester. Of course the designs can vary. A classic blouse is usually equipped with long sleeves. These should reach to where the thumb starts. Of course, in the summer you can also grab short-sleeved blouses and show some skin.

Classic blouses for the job – but otherwise a good choice

With her you are perfectly styled for numerous occasions. In no case should the classic blouse be missing in the office. There it can be combined with a costume or a trouser suit. If the dress code is a bit looser, you can wear the blouse to a pair of jeans and a pair of heeled ankle boots. Many ladies also wear the blouse while meeting friends or family. In addition, the timeless tops are of course the ideal companion for official occasions, such as a corporate party or for festivities of all kinds. In combination with a pencil skirt, elegant high heels and high-quality jewelry creates a serious and at the same time very elegant outfit.

Classic blouses for leisure

Not only on elegant occasions, you are in the right place with a blouse in classic design. Even in your spare time, you can wear the practical models in a variety of ways. For example, a smart casual look is created by wearing a white model with a beige chino, a pair of leather low boots, and a beige leisure blazer. It gets even more casual when you combine the classic blouse with denim jacket and jeans. The white version is also ideal for this look. Alternatively, you can opt for a light blue model. For Pepp makes a leather skirt for blouse. Boots with heels complete the outfit.

The highlights among the blouses

Real Wild West flair comes with the paisley pattern. These tops can be worn with a denim skirt with a wide leather belt and a pair of cowboy boots. Feminine and summery, classic blouses with floral patterns present themselves. This can be fine and or great. A chic A-line skirt and a pair of wedge sandals harmonize wonderfully with this beautifully patterned blouse.