Thursday , 28 September 2023
Clothes for funerals

Clothes for funerals

Black is the classic mourning color and is therefore for one funeral always the right choice. In addition, the clothes should be elegant and restrained. While ladies therefore resort to dress, trouser suit or skirt, men are well advised with a suit or jacket for black pants.

The color black is expected especially from the closest family. Distant acquaintances or neighbors do not necessarily have to resort to black. Dark and muted colors are but good sound. A suit with a tie is one of the most stylish for men dress for a funeral. The shirt can be chosen in a light color or harmonize tone-on-tone with the suit. A possible headgear is taken in the church or at the grave out of respect.

Adequate clothing at a funeral – subtle fashion for you

The ladies can choose between trouser suit and costume. Even high-necked dresses are for one funeral unproblematic. This fits a dapper blazer. Classic shoes in black complete the outfit. Overly fashionable outfits are out of place here. It will look good if you use your accessories very discreetly – preferably only if you also fulfill a functional purpose, such as a wristwatch. But also discreet jewelry, for example in the form of small stud earrings, is a good choice. With a subtle day make-up and an unpretentious, classic hairstyle make your dress complete for the funeral.