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iPhone: How to change passcode, skip face ID to enter passcode, more

With Apple’s iPhones, which rely on Face ID for security reasons, the pandemic has led to a more difficult experience because masks cause problems with face recognition. Since most users have to enter their passcode each time they unlock their iPhone, follow the instructions to change your passcode to a shorter one, jump straight from the face ID to enter your passcode, and some other tips and tricks.

Below are three tips for using your iPhone with Face ID (and even iPhones with Touch ID) more convenient when wearing a mask.

Note that options such as changing your passcode to a shorter one and extending the length of the automatic lock will decrease the objective security of your device. However, it may be worth it if you have to enter your passcode less or enter a simpler passcode. Be aware of your personal security / data protection priorities and proceed at your own risk.

Skipping directly to enter your passcode has no disadvantage if the face ID cannot be used. There is a workaround to teaching Face ID how to recognize you when wearing a mask, but it’s not a safe solution.

iPhone: How to change the passcode, skip the face ID to enter the passcode, and change the automatic lock

Opt for a shorter passcode

  1. If you have a custom alphanumeric or 6-digit passcode, opting for a 4-digit passcode may be worthwhile under the current circumstances (this is also less secure, but may be worth the compromise for a more convenient experience in the short term).
  2. Go to the settings then Face ID & passcode
  3. Enter your current passcode, swipe down and tap change Password
  4. Enter your current passcode again and then tap Passcode options
  5. Choose 4-digit numeric code (or custom if you want – at least 2 characters required)
  6. Enter your new passcode twice to set it

iPhone, how to change the passcode, skips the walkthrough for face recognition 3

How to skip the face ID to enter the passcode immediately

If iOS 13.5 is released to the public, this is not necessary as your iPhone should automatically recognize whether you are wearing a mask and ask for your passcode. Until then, however, this is a practical link.

  1. If you’re wearing a mask, tap on your iPhone screen quickly after swiping face recognition Text that appears in the center of your screen
  2. You will be immediately taken to the passcode entry screen

iPhone how to change the passcode skips the walkthrough for face recognition

Change the automatic lock time of your iPhone

If your iPhone hibernates faster, you’ll need to enter your passcode more often. One way to reduce the need to enter your passcode is to increase the auto-lock time.

  1. Go to the settings > Screen brightness
  2. Tap at the bottom of the screen Auto lock
  3. Choose a longer duration, or never if you want
  4. Again, remember that this means less security / more battery consumption, but more convenience. Make the best decision for your own circumstances (and at your own risk).

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