Tuesday , March 21 2023

Live images and videos of protests create record downloads of the Twitter app

The desire to see live images and videos of protests against George Floyd’s murder has led to downloads of the Twitter app being recorded. This has led to already high downloads from those who want to track coronavirus messages.

Two different sources Apptopia and Sensor towerBoth agree that this has been the largest Twitter download week to date.

TechCrunch says the protests drove demand in two ways.

The use of Twitter is increasing due to the immediacy of the message exchange on its platform. This was particularly in demand in the George Floyd protests in the U.S., as protesters used Twitter to share live images and videos of the demonstrations, fires and looting, police brutality, and more.

In the meantime, non-protesters have downloaded the app to follow events directly and get unfiltered, breaking news.

The website notes that the two companies agree that it was a record week worldwide, but found different numbers.

According to Sensor Tower, just over a million installations were carried out on Twitter on Monday and around 1 million new installations on Tuesday. Monday was the day on which most one-day installations had been taking place since at least January 1, 2014, when the company started recording the app.

Apptopia, on the other hand, found that Twitter surpassed its installation record on Wednesday with 677,000 downloads worldwide. This included an almost record-breaking number of downloads of 140,000 installations in the USA, with a large number of installations coming from international markets, including Great Britain, India, Brazil and Mexico […].

Not only did Apptopia break the download numbers, it also found that yesterday was a record for daily active Twitter users in the US when around 40 million people in the US logged into the app.

Live video was considered an important tool to learn the truth about demonstrators and police clashes, as it remains available even when people are arrested and their phones are confiscated.

Photo: Mindy Schauer / Orange County Register

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