Long Shirts are as good as to be found in everyone’s wardrobe. Ladies and gentlemen put on the casual casual shirts to complete their looks and outfits or to make exactly with them their outfit an eye-catcher. Long Shirts can be used both as a classic basic, as well as a cool trend part. Depending on their use, designers and brands place different emphasis on their design, cut and choice of materials used.

basic Long Shirts are mostly made of pure cotton and slightly looser on average. They are perfect for sports. Ladies simply combine this shirt with sporty leggings: this creates a casual 80s look that is also extremely comfortable and offers great wearing comfort. Men also like to grab Long Shirts, Especially in sports such as basketball, the loose and wider-cut shirts are particularly popular and even part of the look. So men in long-shirts and wide-cut shorts on the basketball court are the usual picture.

Long shirts are just as easy to style for a leisurely walk on Sunday afternoons. Easy to wear to your favorite jeans, comfortable sneakers and a denim or leather jacket. The result is an outfit that is easy and uncomplicated to put together, but still make a good figure. However, if you prefer to spend a cozy book or TV at home on Sunday, Longshirts are comfortable tops to help you feel at home.


As comfortable and pleasant as long shirts are to wear, they can be so stylish and extremely trendy. Especially in women’s fashion, designers are always coming up with new casual styles, patterns and prints that make the shirts even cooler. Such as the current oversize look. This trend is perfect for the loosely falling shirts. With a wide cut and wide-cut collars, the shirts have become casual trend parts in casual fashion. Worn over a top and combined with skinny jeans and ankle boots, they give a casual look. In summer, they are just as happy to wear denim shorts and sandals.

Longshirts are an absolute must-have, ladies and gentlemen can never have enough. It does not matter if you’re just getting dressed up for a cozy DVD night on the couch, or shopping in the shopping center, there’s something for every occasion, mood and taste Long Shirts,