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Pleated pants for women: variants and styles

Pleated pants for women: variants and styles

Ladies pleated pants

Pleated pants for Ladies have against the Ladies Business pants or ladies Chinos a costume-historical, as currently fashionable special role in women’s fashion. They are the prime example of femininity and emancipation; for fashionable extravagance and sex appeal.

Because pleated trousers, as Marlene Dietrich wore, were some of the first pants that took root in women’s fashion. Of course, designers like Paul Poiret or even Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel have already experimented with pants cuts. However, the first big fashion wave that seriously took women’s pants to the center of their style was the Garçonne look in the early 1920s. It was a style in which women dressed as men. Jacket, tie, white shirt and just the business pants – favored, the pleated pants – created a legendary androgynous chic. Nevertheless, it took decades before women in pants were the rule in the streetscape.

Pleated pants and Marlene pants

Marlene Dietrich, the icon of early German film and a star in Hollywood, lent her signature trousers her name. Reason was your preference for trouser suits and just the wide Pleated trousers with cover, which was based on the menswear of the early 1930s. Not infrequently triggered the Dietrich with their appearance a small scandal. Because pants were a male privilege.

Characteristic of the named after her model, the Marlene pants, is her first, further advantageous cut. Outgoing from the federal government until far outgoing covered this Pleated pants Any female problem areas such as thighs or calves are ideal. At the same time she emphasizes the buttocks and the waist. This recipe for success makes the Marlene pants one of the most successful Pleated trousers fashion history and become a true classic of women’s fashion.

Pleated pants: variants and styles

There is not only the Marlene pants as a type of pleated pants – where she is the classic among women’s pants. There are still many other models that are used either alone or as a combination in a pantsuits use. These include about:

  • some rider pants
  • plus fours
  • some harem pants

The classic, however, remains the Marlene trousers, which themselves have a wide range of cut variations. Discover for yourself which women’s trousers are best for you and browse through our large assortment.