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Stylish combinations with a blouse with bow

bow blouse / this bow commands obedience …

The classic floppy blouse exudes femininity and was already appreciated by our grandmothers. In contrast to the then rather staid look, the finest, slightly transparent materials today subtly emphasize the silhouette. The tied loop at the V-neck sets a playful accent. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly diverse, because it is ideal for warm summer days, festive occasions or the classically elegant …

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Blouse with Bow

Floerns Women's Bow Tie Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse Tops at Amazon

If you want to feel beautiful and completely feminine as a woman, you will find an elegant and at the same time very portable companion in the classic blouse. The Schluppenbluse combines this elegance with the playful element of the so-called Schluppe – a loosely tied loop. With her she succeeds in emphasizing her own femininity in a subtle way. …

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