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The brightness of the Philips Hue lamp doubles, but has two disadvantages

If you’re not happy with the brightness of the Philips Hue lamp, the company seems to be solving the problem with a new 1600 lumens version in an E27 socket. This is twice as bright as the current model with around 800 lumens – this corresponds to a jump from a conventional 60 W lamp to a 100 W lamp.

However, the new model has two disadvantages …

SmartLights.de reports that it will of course consume more electricity and that you will get stuck even with a single color temperature

The new white E27 lamp consumes 15.5 watts. The color temperature is 2700 Kelvin and cannot be changed.

This means that it uses 50% more electricity than the standard Hue lamp, but still much less than a conventional one – and this price may be worth it for some applications.

In a garage, workshop, hobby room or similar, you often need very bright light to work or pursue your hobby. And when you no longer need bright light, simply dim the lamp to the desired brightness.

The website states that the new model can be used with or without a Hue bridge and is expected to hit stores this month. The European price is expected to be € 24.95 compared to € 19.95 for the standard model.

The corresponding light bulb in the USA would be the A19 – Currently sold for around $ 15 each. It is not yet known whether the lighter model will be sold in the U.S., but it seems likely.

While the new light bulb is only white when you have it Color onesSignify’s Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box was recently updated with Siri support. This is a box that synchronizes the colors of your Hue lighting with the content you see on TV. Color information is extracted from HDMI signals.

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