Tuesday , March 21 2023

The launch of the iPhone 12 was delayed to the fourth quarter for a major Apple provider

The CEO of Broadcom, one of Apple’s main suppliers of hardware such as iPhone Wi-Fi chips, announced today that Apple’s iPhone 12 range expects a delay from the traditional September timeframe to the fourth quarter, adding more weight to the idea grants October before Apple launches this year’s iPhones.

Reported by BloombergThe Broadcom CEO shared more about the company’s expectations for the launch of the iPhone 12 during a profit call, without explicitly mentioning Apple.

Hock Tan, CEO of Broadcom, discussed at a conference call with analysts on Thursday about a ‘big product cycle delay’ on a ‘big North American cell phone’.

Tan often refers to Apple. This time the executive said the delay would mean that Broadcom’s mobile business earnings would come a quarter later than usual this year.

The launch change for this year’s iPhone 12 range is important to Broadcom as sales in the third quarter will be significantly lower.

‘This year, we don’t expect this sales increase until our fourth business quarter,’ added the CEO. ‘Accordingly, we expect our revenue from mobile communications to decrease sequentially in the third quarter.’

The news confirms what we’ve heard from other sources like this WSJ, Bloombergand Ming-Chi Kuo in the past few months.

The current consensus is that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series in October of this year, although Tan’s comment today is somewhat more general with the mention of the fourth quarter. We could still see Apple showcasing the latest iPhones during a September event. Availability was only postponed for a month. Or you can also see a staggered release, like we did with the iPhone XR and X in 2017.

You can find more information about the iPhone 12 in our summary of all information known here.

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