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Tim Cook expects iPhone SE to attract Android users. ‘It’s faster than the fastest Android phones.’

Apple officially released the new iPhone SE earlier this month. According to Tim Cook, the company has been well received by reviewers and customers alike. Cook pointed out that the iPhone SE is excellent value for money and “faster than the fastest Android phones”.

Cook’s comments came in response to the question of how well the new iPhone SE could sell in certain geographic areas. Cook said that while it could be “even better” in areas with lower average incomes, he expects it to also attract a “fair number” of Android switches.

The advantage of the iPhone SE, Cook explained, is that it packs the “engine” of the iPhone 11 in a smaller and cheaper form factor:

“It plays in every geo, but I would expect it to work even better if the average income is lower. I would expect quite a few people to switch to iOS. It is an incredible offer. It is the engine of our top phones in a very affordable package and faster than the fastest Android phones. It is an exceptional value. “

Cook was also asked if the new iPhone SE is part of Apple’s plans to adjust the pricing structure of the iPhone range. He denied this and instead said that Apple has always tried to deliver strong products at good prices:

“We always wanted to deliver the best product at a good price. This basic strategy has not changed at all. As you know, we had an SE for a while. It’s great to bring it back, it was a popular product. I wouldn’t read anything else other than that we want to make people the best possible offer while we make the best product. “

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