Monday , 11 September 2023
A fashionable silk tie for every occasion

A fashionable silk tie for every occasion

Did you know that the men’s tie goes back to the Croatian riders? Louis IVX was so impressed by the piece of cloth the men wore around their collars that he took over the custom for his farm. The term “tie” is therefore derived from the word “Croat”.

A silk model looks classy and underlines the self-confident appearance of each gentleman. This elegant tie is an all-round talent and will accompany you just as much for business appointments as a candlelight dinner in the restaurant or for Sunday coffee at the in-laws. Today, it is even common to combine them casually with jeans. In any case, gives you a quality silk tie masculine elegance.

Their design, width and length are as subject to fashion trends as the cut of the classic men’s suit. Currently, narrow ties are announced. Floral patterns are passé, instead large checks are in the center. They are doing well in both business and casual styles. For a discreet look choose your plaid silk tie in muted colors and combine them to monochrome shirt. If you fancy a more eye-catching outfit, a piked shirt is an exciting alternative for a chic casual look.

Tip: Learn to tie a tie knot in no time. You can find step-by-step instructions on the Internet so that you too can soon achieve the perfect knot.