Monday , 25 September 2023
Belstaff Jackets – Biker style of the luxury label

Belstaff Jackets – Biker style of the luxury label

The British brand Belstaff has made a name for itself with biker chic in the luxury segment. From a motorcycle jacket specialist, the traditional company developed into a premium label for luxury clothing. Belstaff jackets not only have absolute cult status due to their huge following in Hollywood today.

In recent years, Belstaff’s unique jackets have gained a growing following. The high-quality jackets do not only look great with their biker-style cut, but also give a romantic outfit a casual, strong and yet not too hard biker look. In 1994, the booming luxury label is about to go bankrupt. In literally the last minute, the Italian designer Franco Malenotti commits himself to the company and gives new impulses for the fashion world with his creations, which have fallen into oblivion after the boom of the biker. In 2011, almost 90 years after its founding, the traditional company can once again mark a milestone in its history and, with its new chief designer, takes another step towards modernity. American Martin Cooper, who previously worked for luxury brand Burberry, is taking over the position of creative director at Belstaff. He helps the fashion house to brilliant creations. His designs are creations that uniquely manage to translate historical designs into modern and masterful design pieces.

Belstaff Jackets – historical biker fashion translated into modern design pieces

The iconic Trialmaster jacket in premium python and crocodile leather, fine detailing jackets, trench coats with leather details and biker style military jackets – Belstaff jackets Stay one step ahead of current trends without ever forgetting your personal biker background. Ladies and gentlemen love the fashionable jackets, which enhance every outfit with their perfect fit and outstanding quality and are prepared for any weather conditions. Because all jackets, although they are designed primarily for the fashion rather than the biker segment today, are still designed so that they would survive long journeys on the motorcycle without damage. Today, there is no more talk of bankruptcy. Thanks to the unique Belstaff jackets, Belstaff is now more concerned with expanding and expanding the premium segment.