Wednesday , 20 September 2023
Blue dresses: fashionable highlights that inspire

Blue dresses: fashionable highlights that inspire

This color suits every occasion, because it comes in a variety of tones and gradations and is therefore enormously changeable: blue. No matter if delicate pastel colors for spring, strong nuances for summer and autumn or dark tones for cool winter days – one Blue dress fits every season.

Summer dresses: Blue is always trendy

Hardly any color is so reminiscent of summer as blue in its different nuances. Clear skies, sloppy ice and the sea: they all share fresh, rich blue, In the spring, many women are looking for fresh shades such as lavender or ice blue. These shades of blue are particularly appealing to fair skin, as the delicate colors make them shine. In summer, on the other hand, powerful, bright blue tones are used. Here is a suitable Blue dress in azure or in a magnificent cobalt blue very well. A striped dress in blue and white takes on the marine look and is therefore a real key piece for the summer.

Style a blue dress over and over again

A simple blue dress can be combined with many different accessories. Especially popular is for example the Interplay of blue and white, This combination underlines the marine style, which has been absolutely trendy for years. A nice contrast for the fall is also the mix of blue and red. A dark dress looks great with red ballerinas and red accessories, because, for example, a muted shade of blue shows off very well. A cocktail dress in blue for the next party may also be worn with sophisticated details such as a brooch or statement necklace. Glittering appliqués or sequins also make the dress radiant and are often used on party dresses. For winter, ladies will find chic dresses in blueberry or opal blue.