Saturday , 12 August 2023
Cambio Jeans: Classic, modern or playful

Cambio Jeans: Classic, modern or playful

With the label Cambio, Change Sportswear GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1985, has positioned itself as a competent producer of women’s trousers on the fashion market. As an important part of the extensive overall collection, Cambio Jeans impress with their clear forms, accuracy of fit and careful selection of materials.

Cambio Jeans in the footsteps of historical role models

The history of jeans as a classic dates back to the 19th century. The worldwide triumphal procession began mainly in the gold mining towns of California. As a sturdy leg dress asked, these were first made of brown hemp and later of durable denim, the seams additionally reinforced with rivets. However, it took several decades for the first women’s jeans to hit the market in the 1950s. Cambio jeans take up this tradition and combine it with fashionable elements – from eye-catching contrasting seams to decorative applications and badges to Cambio colored denim jeans with individual print. The responsible designers of the label are always close to the pulse of current trends and carefully tailor their designs to the target group of fashion-conscious ladies over 30, who self-confidently maintain their individual style. Cambio Jeans continue the legacy of the classic with each new collection.

The women’s trousers of the Cambio Jeans collection represent a characteristically individual style. Depending on the type of treatment, the typical indigo blue for jeans remains or is bleached and brightened by stone wash. The collection is complemented by colored denim in a wide range of colors – from the discreet Uniton to eye-catching print patterns that can be combined with accessories that are as simple as they are eye-catching. These Cambio jeans are proven for their excellent cuts and an ideal fit. This is achieved through a cotton blend, for example with spandex, often referred to as stretch denim. In addition to the successful Cambio Jeans line, the German fashion label is also serving two other market segments to meet the wide-ranging demands of the fashion world: Cambio Collection and Cambio Sportiv are self-contained lines that harmoniously and skilfully fit into the sophisticated overall collection.