Sunday , 17 September 2023
Carry Pants – Cargo pants – styling with outdoor flair

Carry Pants – Cargo pants – styling with outdoor flair

Cargo pants for men and women

Cargo pants for men and women are the ideal companion for all leisure activities. Their comfortable cut, their durable cotton qualities and their characteristic patch pockets make the men’s trousers and women’s trousers practical and fashionable alternatives to jeans and chinos – all good reasons to integrate cargo pants into his outfits.

Cargo pants – styling with outdoor flair

Cargo pants are often used because of their excellent characteristics as work wear in the military, the police or the fire department. But also in sports such as hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities, the trousers with the extra bags have proven themselves. They are the distinguishing feature of this trouser type and yet can be different, e.g. when:

  • classic flap pockets
  • with pressure tying
  • with Velcro fastener
  • with extra loops or D-retaining rings

Whether the cargo pants have a long or a short cut like men’s shorts and women’s shorts is irrelevant. The extra pockets are always on and determine the image of the pants.

They are considered sporty, active, recreational and therefore offer quite a few style options. Another characteristic of Cargos is the sand or beige tone. It gives every pair of pants a Safari attitude that makes you play well. A popular style with cargo pants is the combination with plaid, short-sleeved men’s shirts or blouses. It is suitable for leisure time in the city as well as hiking or walking. Just a touch casual and also an almost classic outfit combination is the ensemble beige cargo and white men’s T-shirt or white ladies top. Especially in the 1990s, these two looks were very popular – especially because the combinations contrasted with the tight silhouettes of the top and the wide cuts of cargo pants.

Cargo pants smart-casual styled

That cargo pants dominate the casual Lokk, is known. However, they can also be smart-casual and highly fashionable, something that has developed in the last few years, when dealing more freely with business fashion and meeting wider acceptance of extreme style. The idea behind the outfit is to consider cargo as a substitute for chinos.

For men, this means combining the cargo pants with the tight-fitting business shirts, knit ties and casual cotton sakkos. With a pair of suede shoes creates a progressive look for the office or the fashionable everyday life.

The feminine version of this style uses similar elements. A pair of high heels, a simple blouse or a restrained top and a contrasting blazer and the ensemble stands. These style suggestions show how fashionable you can wear the pants and that there is more to choose from than the leisure, hiking or safari look for the cargo pants.