Sunday , 24 September 2023
Fashion with fabric flowers

Fashion with fabric flowers

fabric are an excellent way to add a playful charm to the wardrobe. After all, it’s the little things that make a look truly unique.

fabric give the outfit a girlish touch that can even visually loosen a strictly formal blouse. At the same time, they make you want blooming meadows and colorful bouquets and are therefore ideally suited for the spring and summer wardrobe. As for the fashionable use of Stoffblüten, there are various possibilities.

Fabric flower applications, lace patterns and floral prints

First, there are, especially in tops and dresses, the Stoffblüten-Besatz, where these are arranged pretty arranged as applications on the fabric. This can be at the neckline or above the breast, so the flower looks like a pretty brooch. In addition to such applications that contrast with the fabric, there are also flowers that are integrated directly into the material. This works best through a flower lace pattern that can be attached like a border. These fabric are more subtle because they do not stand out from the fabric. In addition, the most frequently found is the fabric printed with flowers and blossoms.