Thursday , 31 August 2023
Handbags – not only stylish, but also practical

Handbags – not only stylish, but also practical

They accompany the modern woman on every occasion and make the look complete: handbags in different shapes, colors and sizes – whether as a shopper, weekender, bowling bag or clutch, whether in black, brown, pink or blue. A handbag has a lot more to offer than just looking beautiful. At the same time, today it has to meet high standards of aesthetics and practicability.

Handbags are perfect for creating individual looks: while riveted pockets are perfect for rocking looks, those with ethnic patterns, ornaments, long ties and embroidery are the basis for relaxed and dreamy hip-hop looks. Fans of summer boat tours can opt for a stylish handbag with a maritime look or with block stripes.

For everyday use, especially larger handbags made of leather and with a removable strap are recommended, as they can be easily relocated and thus a few items can be transported well. Due to their size and the casual cut, shoppers have proven their worth for the city stroll, as they can store purchases of various kinds here. These large handbags are often made of materials such as jute or leather and are therefore not only stylish, but also very robust. Trendy and practical bag bags with drawstring, which represent a successful combination of nonchalance and timeless elegance. They go particularly well with the modern urban look – for example, with a classic black coat, sneakers and beanie. Weekender as smaller travel bags are the ideal companions for spring-like city trips on weekends.

The right model for the office – or the party weekend

In addition to the classic handbags with metal logo or quilted pattern are also models that are decorated with small locks or bars, tassels or pendants, suitable for a feminine office and everyday look. Who wants to refine a simple business look, for example, decides on a handle bag or bowling bag with short straps in a bright color. In addition, even more unusual bag models in patent leather, croco, saffiano or braided look make an elegant outfit an eye-catcher and are therefore also fashionable companions for the office.

To celebrate a bag should provide enough space for their belongings and fit the best possible outfit. If you prefer eye-catching handbags, you can fall back on a clutch in trendy metallic look. The small black, high-quality leather handbag with adjustable, golden chain straps is an absolute classic for the outfit. A sequin-covered pochette with removable straps, which can be worn loosely over the shoulder or in the hand, emphasizes a fashionable-elegant look and is particularly well suited in combination with fine, feminine dresses.