Sunday , 10 September 2023
Long sleeve shirts for men

Long sleeve shirts for men

Men’s Long Sleeve Tops are absolute basic elements of the classic men’s fashion. That does not mean that they are boring. On the contrary, the long-sleeved men’s T-shirts or men’s shirts are becoming more and more of the key pieces of a season. In pastel shades, with photo prints or with floral patterns, the camisole, as they are called, offer the ideal canvas for trends of all kinds.

Long sleeve shirts in different styles

Among the long sleeve shirts there are true classics of men’s fashion. Because even if you are very similar in shape, you differ greatly in material and sometimes in their details. Just a button or just the size of the neckline can make the difference. Because by tradition, they are assigned to different functions of sportswear or even the traditional workwear as fishermen and sailors out. That also boosts their image. A few of the long sleeve classic are:

  • the long-sleeved Serafino shirt with its short button placket
  • the men’s rugby shirt with collar and flannel fabric
  • the classic ones Men’s Long Sleeve Tops with round neck

The original shirt, however, is the straightforward, simple variant – preferably in white, red or dark blue. These men’s shirts with long sleeves and the typical round neck were originally intended as underwear. For cold days and nights, long-sleeved underwear was ideal to protect against cool temperatures. Today the shirts are no longer just to be found under the clothes. They stand alone and offer space for different styles of casual casual to sporty-elegant.