Men’s Suit Pants

Men’s Suit Pants

Trousers are the basis of good suits. If the men’s trousers are not sitting correctly, the entire ensemble is not in tune. The pants significantly control the style of the look. If it is a classic suit they are cut differently than in a modern variation. Also, the statement that the wearer wants to express with his style, is important in the choice of pants.

How should suit trousers sit?

This question can not be answered generally. Of course, they must not constrict. But they must not be cut too far, too long or too short. A good pair of pants sits comfortably in the crotch and thighs, yet close to the body. It does not interfere with movements, but is not a men’s sweat pants with all the comfort. From the knee, like men’s chinos or men’s jeans, they can have both a narrower and a straight, straight or slightly flared cut. These details ultimately determine the look and feel of the image Trousers like the suits. Young and modern cut Trousers Characterized by some features that can be found in other men’s pants. This includes:

  • a shorter trouser leg (the hem is hardly or not at all on the shoe)
  • from the knee slightly conical leg (not tight fitting but close-fitting cut)
  • straight hem (classic would be a turned-down hem)
  • the waistline is slightly higher than the pelvic bones

A classic Anzughose is correspondingly noticeably longer and cut longer. Whereby there are stylistic differences between the nations. For while in England, the suits are a little more pointed and close-fitting cut, continental Europeans prefer it in a comfortable distance. In classical Italian two-divisors, this form is particularly clear. Here it is the high waistline and the wide cut that are very distinctive. However, this cut can currently be found less frequently in suit trousers of modern men’s fashion.

Buy suit trousers in the online

Finding the right formal trousers is not always easy, because people are not all built the same. As good as the ready-made fashion is and as wide as the range of different sizes is, sometimes it just does not fit. Therefore, there are for business suits but also for wedding suits modular systems of well-known brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Boss Black or Strellson.

Modular systems offer combinations between jackets and trousers, which can have different sizes. For example, you can easily order a Boss Black jacket in size 52 and matching pants in a 50. Both parts have the same material, the coordinated cut and the same style.