Wednesday , 20 September 2023
The dress shoe in trendy variants

The dress shoe in trendy variants

For business outfits or on formal occasions with upscale dress code everything must be right. This includes the right ones dress shoes, Classic models are made of leather, but also sporty models are becoming increasingly popular. Choose your new pair to match the look.

Elegant and stylish – that’s how the ideal shoes should look like a suit. But the possibilities are manifold. Subtle and timeless, narrow leather shoes in brown or black are presented. Mostly they are lacing models, which are provided with a very flat sole. In contrast, stand dress shoes with decorative stitching and perforated patterns. This makes them a noble eye-catcher. Gentlemen who like to cheat a few inches in body size, can incidentally to models with a slightly thicker sole and a slight heel grab.

Gradients and two-color variants are in high demand. Some dress shoes become darker towards the top, others inspire with hard contrasts, which are not always realized by colors, but often also by a combination of different materials. Shoelaces in eye-catching colors can also create a successful accent. Men with an extravagant taste can look forward to shiny patent leather shoes. These models are a good choice, especially on festive occasions.

If you want to show your colors, it’s best to wear blue or red suit shoes. These colors are also available in dark tones, yet they look elegant enough to be worn in the office or at a chic evening event. Of course, there are not only dress shoes for lacing. More and more models are sold as so-called slippers. Without lacing here is room for decorative elements. These can be, for example, eye-catching metal buckles. Chic business shoes are no longer just worn to suit. Many gentlemen love to play with style breaks and combine the noble models quite cheeky to rolled-up jeans or casual chinos.