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Winter Leather Jackets for Men

Winter Leather Jackets for Men

Biker jackets or pilot jackets, made of the finest nappa leather, suede, nubuck or lamb leather – leather jackets are varied, but above all one: a must have for every gentleman, Find high quality Men’s leather jackets the best brands of the highest quality and discover your favorite piece here.

Freedom & Durability: Leather jackets

Sporty men’s leather jackets stand for Rebellion, freedom and permanence, Leather is one of the oldest materials used in the manufacture of menswear and yet men’s leather jackets – as we perceive them today – are a modern product. In the first half of the 20th century, the origins of the leather jacket lie. Men have always preferred sturdy men’s jackets to aviation pioneers and motorcyclists, the daredevils of the street. Particularly noteworthy in the fashionable history of leather jackets is the Perfecto jacket of the American brothers Schott. They designed the Classic biker leather jacket for men – Its hallmark is the asymmetrical zipper – in the 1920s.

In 1955, the jacket gained cult status through the film “Der Wilde” starring Marlon Brando. Films have shaped the image of men’s leather jackets significantly to this day, Gary Cooper in “The Hour Is Happening” (1943), Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones series, or Tom Cruise in the 1986 cult “Top Gun” manifested the image of a man wearing a collared leather jacket with fur trim and nothing leaves.

In these looks, there are leather jackets for men

That Men’s leather jackets, as they are popular today, among others, by well-known brands such as Marc O’Polo, Bugatti, McNeal or Review, is due to their characteristics. Leather – be it cattle, sheep, pork or goat – is very hardwearing and almost indestructible, Historical features such as the waist belt, the large pockets or the storm latch on the fur-trimmed collar have been adopted and adapted to modern men’s leather jackets from aviator or motorcycle jackets.