Friday , 15 September 2023
Women's Woolen Coats

Women's Woolen Coats

The wool coat – from elegant to sporty

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, he has his big hour: the wool coat, Not only does it warm pleasantly with the natural material, it also guarantees its wearer a sporty or elegant appearance, depending on the cut. The range of different shapes and colors is huge. Especially classy are models with cashmere, such as by Fuchs Schmitt. The color palette ranges from muted colors such as gray, black or blue to bright trend colors in red and petrol.

On average, the varies wool coat just as varied. For example, the fashion labels' portfolio includes the classic A-line – with or without a belt – and more casual variants with hood in duffle coat style. That 's how the wool coat to combine perfectly with any other wardrobe. To jeans, chinos or skirt – the coat made of cuddly wool is always the right choice. No question that he is one of the basics in every woman's wardrobe. In addition, special highlights can be set with a soft cashmere scarf or an exclusive silk scarf.

The wool coat – timeless chic for every occasion

Although fashion trends often dominate the woolen coat, he is always timeless. Often only small accents are set in the design, so that the coat does not have to be scrapped in the next season. The material wool speaks for itself anyway.

Wool is not only water repellent and windproof, but also breathable, which guarantees a high wearing comfort. So the wool coat can not only come up with an appealing look, but also has a high degree of functionality. With appropriate care, he always stays in shape so that his wearer can enjoy him for a long time. Incidentally, the word mantle derives from Latin and means "cover" or "blanket". Contrary to ancient Rome, today's designer pieces by hip fashion designers such as Max Mara, Gil Bret and Tommy Hilfiger can not truly be called "blankets". They still "cover up", but always with style and elegance.