Thursday , 28 September 2023
ADIDAS ORIGINALS SWEATERS – Sweater by adidas: Sporty and trendy

ADIDAS ORIGINALS SWEATERS – Sweater by adidas: Sporty and trendy

The casual street style of adidas is no longer just in the world of sports. Especially the comfortable pullovers from adidas have meanwhile secured their place in the fashion industry.

Sweater by adidas: Sporty and trendy

What sets adidas clothes apart is the combination of functionality and the unique look of the label. Stylish color combinations with extravagant patterns to comfortable look. The typical label prints give the products the finishing touch as a trademark.

This is how ladies style an adidas sweater

For women, there are the sporty It pieces in addition to the classic shades such as gray or blue in feminine trend colors such as rose or violet. Who likes it especially playful chooses one adidas sweater with a floral pattern. Tip: A white or black label print creates a great contrast and creates a connection between the girly style and the casual brand image. If you want to style your pullover casual, choose a pair of slim trousers that emphasizes your legs. With flat sneakers and a large shoulder bag everyday can come!

Cool companion for men

In the men’s area count the adidas sweater with soft hood and wide ribbed cuffs to the basics. Highest comfort and a cool style make the sweaters the must-haves for athletes and friends of casual outfits. The models in black with white highlights look quite clean and cool. Practical details such as a drawstring at the hood or wide pockets on the belly complete the hip charm of the pullover. Without a hood and instead with a simple round neck, the pieces look more mature and cool with jeans and tall leather boots!