Monday , 18 September 2023
Contrary and yet combinable: midi skirts and streetwear

Contrary and yet combinable: midi skirts and streetwear

He is back and brings fresh wind into women’s fashion: the midi skirt. With its classic length and feminine appearance, it is suitable for any occasion and offers enough space for unusual designs and creative patterns, How about midi-length summer skirts or a model for the office?

For professional and solemn occasions

Midi skirts reach just above the knee, forming the golden middle between the maxi and miniskirts. Most models are easily issued, so the female form perfectly staged becomes. But there are also some body-emphasized variants, so there is something for every taste. Midi skirts are ideal for the professional environment, Access a midi skirt in black or other muted colors like dark blue or gray to create a classic look. The midi skirts can be worn with blouse, blazer and pumps Styling in an instant to a business-friendly outfit, They are also welcome at solemn events. There they can be combined with chic silk blouses or elegant tops.

Even true street-stylers grab the mid-length skirt and like to use it as Stilbruch element to her otherwise very casual dress on. How about a combination of midi skirt, sweater and sneakers? Also cool denim skirts with midi-length and used-style find great approval in the urban Fashion, Comfortable moccasins and a colorful print shirt are perfect for this. If you really want to stand out, you reach for one Midi skirt with cheeky prints, These can be, for example, comic motifs, repetitive lettering or just huge polka dots.

The perfect vintage look succeeds with a Plisseerock in midi length. The classic skirt with the delicate wrinkles has been part of women’s fashion for decades and has just become rediscovered in recent years by designers and fashionistas, It gets really fancy, if you combine the Midi Pliseerock with leather jacket and boots. You can create a dignified look by putting a shirt or blouse in the skirt and wearing a cardigan. A knee-length pleated skirt is just as suitable for these looks, but radiates a little less retro feel, for that more girlish charm,