Are you looking for a hoodie with a certain pep? What do you think of a trendy model in purple? The strong color has a great look and gives every outfit an individual touch. You can choose between delicate lilac, luminous purple and mystical dark purple. Of course, there are also purple-patterned variants that cause a stir, for example, with floral prints or classic stripes.

This is how gentlemen combine a purple hoodie

Fashion-conscious gentlemen who are fond of color and at the same time love casual outfits, are perfectly advised with this trendy garment. Because it harmonizes due to its strong color, for example, excellent with jeans with light wash or bright pastel pants. The beige-colored chino or the anthracite-colored jeans are also on purple hoodie a good figure. To the strong purple To compensate for a little, you can just wear bright white sneakers. By contrast, a bright, lilac-colored model makes it possible to realize a cheerful spring look.

An indispensable basic part for ladies

Women who like strong colors become the purple ones Hooded Pullover love. With a body-contoured model, you can even show your curves and still look really athletic. For a really stylish street look, Oversized models with print motif are ideal. This looks a casual jeans and a pair of colorful sneakers great.