Romantic Dresses 2019

Romantic Dresses 2019

Slightly falling fabrics, delicate lace and soft colors give clothes a great, dreamy touch. For wedding celebrations, the prom or a date these romantic dresses are made. Discover fantastically long evening robes or grab them for a short playful version.

Style a romantic dress elegantly

Long dresses with bustier and lace decoration have a wonderful romantic Charisma. You can wear high heels and a bolero. A long curly hair underlines the look skillfully. But updos look great with these clothes. Optimal are bright colors such as beige or white, but also soft pastel shades have a very romantic Effect. Mint green, pink and delicate yellow are just the thing. A ribbon at the waist or a beautiful flower application make the romantic dress perfect and provide that certain something.

Create casual and playful outfits

Lace is an ideal material for dreamy casual looks. On romantic dress For example, it can be fully fitted with lace or only on the arms, the back neck or the hem. Playful flounces are also good for this romantic look. Slightly falling fabrics such as silk or chiffon surround your silhouette in a tasteful way. These materials look really classy and feel heavenly when worn. For example, wear ballerinas or a pair of playful sandals.