Friday , 1 September 2023
Cute patterned tights outfits

Cute patterned tights outfits

Yes, we were hoping the winter was as good as over. But because it has made us a spanner in the and with a nasty cold wave hit us again. We must not abandon so unfortunately even our thick pantyhose and wool sweaters.

A few cold weeks is probably still to survive before we finally can look forward to the spring. The latest trend from Hollywood made us but the wait time. Celebrity ladies like Kourtney Kardashian, Fearne cotton and Christina Milan put their legs now with patterned tights in scene. Sweet dots, the classic Houndstooth pattern or the Brit rock version with red Karoprint: patterned legs are absolutely hip – and keep warm by the way still beautiful.

Yesterday was opaque and black! Now pantyhose must come up with a bit more, if they want to in our closet. Pattern making from something both transparent nylons on thick wool tights. And they pimp each yet so simple outfit on! Anyway, this watch which for now is our favorite Sprint – we should, that we don’t overdo it. Only Lady Gaga and the generation of U12 may combine safely other prints and lurid to brightly colorful, wildly patterned tights.Everyone else should adhere to the default, just for a simple outfit to wear a really eye-catching tights. Tights may join with dots or Houndstooth pattern, however, also more colorful and schrilleren looks. Depending on the styling they seem sexy or mega-trendy then elegant.

Those who like really freaked out and provocative, can access – such as for example r’n ‘ B Queen Rihanna – to tights with printed suspenders. Then will quickly warm to the heart also determines the most severe winter.