Dresses with sleeves for special occasions

Dresses with sleeves for special occasions

Dresses with sleeves: From evening dress to ball gown

You want to show yourself from your female side? Tasteful dresses with sleeves give you the opportunity to emphasize your curves and prove your sense of style. Varied designs and high-quality fabrics make the current models stylish and durable companions.

Dresses with sleeves for special occasions

Not only with regard to the weather, dresses with sleeves can be a good choice – they are too the ideal solution for serious events, In the church or at very elegant, festive events it is appropriate, at least the To cover shoulders, An evening dress with sleeves does not only look classy, ​​but also lends itself to something act mysteriously, But even with a long dress with sleeves, you do not have to give up showing skin: a daring neckline or a deep cleavage can perfectly showcase your figure.

Perfect in winter: a dress with long sleeves

When it gets cold outside, many women fear that they are dressed with a dress too thin. Grab one warm dress with long sleevesto prevent freezing. Ideal are fabrics such as wool, but also velvet or thick cotton, for example. Wear a thick pair of tights and lined boots. So these long-sleeved dresses become one great alternative to knit sweaters and jeans, Some models are even equipped with a turtleneck, so they keep cuddly warm.

A dress with short sleeves for the summer

In the warm season, short-sleeved varieties are more in demand. Lightweight fabrics such as silk or linen accompany you stylishly through hot summer days and inspire in fresh colors and attractive patterns. For example, floral and tropical prints are in high demand this year. On Cocktail dress with sleeves Also fits wonderfully if you’re invited to a wedding guest in the summer or to another party – that’s how you are dressed festively and stylishly,

Dresses with sleeves for every occasion

The choice of different styles and fits offers you the opportunity to choose the right dress with sleeves for every occasion. With a noble chiffon model in dark black or chic champagne you are perfectly styled for a cocktail party in a sophisticated atmosphere. With a casual jersey model, on the other hand, you can go with sneakers and a denim jacket a relaxed city outfit create. in the professional life Grab a chic shift dress with sleeves and let the blazer slip away.