Thursday , 31 August 2023
Men’s Chinos – All American Style Classic

Men’s Chinos – All American Style Classic

Men’s Chinos are among the most American garments. They reflect the relaxed attitude of the Americans as well as their preference for dress codes. Also called khaki pants Men’s Chinos are the perfect casual pants for the stylish man with class – with her one is guaranteed never to be inappropriately dressed during leisure time. The name Chino has the cotton pants from the Chinese. These export the sand-colored trousers to the Philippines, which were American dominions from 1934 to 1946. The soldiers stationed there liked the casual men’s trousers so much that they took the men’s pants to the USA and called them “Chinos” because of their origin. After the war, the former soldiers founded the Preppy Look with their souvenirs at American Ivy League Colleges. This clothing style is still successfully distributed by numerous All American labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren or Gant. The main elements of this style are as then Navy blazer, cardigan, horn-rimmed glasses and the classic men Chino,


Combine the Chino With a leather jacket, blue men’s T-shirts and desert boots, it picks up the style of Steve McQueen from the 1963 movie classic “The Great Escape” and plays with a casual rebellious image. Equally popular chinos in the trendy nerd style. With suspenders, slim fit shirt and bow tie, they make a chic look, with the color choice should be paid to discreet colors, so the outfit does not seem too exaggerated. Be in casual fashion Men’s Chinos but also worn to trendy T-shirts with print and chunky boots. A cool, loose cap sitting on the head and a messenger bag complete the styling. If you prefer to find your very own look, you can do it online with style advice.

Gentlemen stay in the current collections chinos always preserved, but varies in always different colors and details. Especially colorful models are mostly trend in the summer. In the autumn / winter collections, the colors are more opaque. Men’s chinos in cognac or navy are then very popular. Regardless of classic or newly interpreted cut, in colorful or neutral colors: men’s chinos are among the fashion classics par excellence and should be a must-have in every wardrobe.