Wednesday , 20 September 2023
Men’s Corduroy Pants

Men’s Corduroy Pants

corduroy pants have always been among the indispensable classics in men’s fashion. The sturdy fabric is both soft, cozy and yet classy. Due to the numerous cuts, colors and fabric thicknesses, the all-round talent in menswear can always be wonderfully combined. Stylish and particularly British, fine-corded models work together with tweed jackets and ties. Sporty and rustic present corduroy pants with wide ribs that fit perfectly with warm flannel shirts. Either way, with these men’s trousers is always guaranteed a stylish appearance.

Corduroy pants – From work clothes to fashion classics

corduroy pants as well as men’s jeans come from the guild and work clothes. Due to the excellent and very robust properties, the longitudinally ribbed cotton fabric was suitable for a wide variety of occupational groups. To this day, for example, carpenters wear corduroy clothing at work. Over the years, corduroy trousers finally found their way into aesthetically-oriented fashion from this rather functional use. Today, the velvet-like fabric is represented both in women’s and men’s fashion as well as in children’s clothing.

The origin of the classic cord fabric is the English city of Manchester. Here the fabric was first produced in the 18th century. Because of this, Cord is still often referred to today as “Manchester”. In production, it is important that only the weft forms the pile – so the typical strip effect. Depending on the width and thickness of the fabric, a distinction is made between the following cord types:

  • Trenker-, Kabel-, or Breitcord: They are the widest shapes and usually comprise 10 to 25 ribs per 10 cm
  • Genuacord: It is also referred to as Manchester and forms a medium-fine tissue that comprises between 25 and 40 ribs per 10 cm
  • Fine or baby cord: The fine appearance of this fabric is characterized by the high number of longitudinal ribs – 40 per 10 cm

Especially in the 1960s and 1970s, wearing corduroys was a real trend. At that time, the range of bib and breeches and even corduroy jackets were a must-have. As with many other fashion trends, the hype about the garments made from the warming ribbed fabric was limited in time and the cord pants gradually disappeared back into the depths of the wardrobes. Today, iconic labels such as Marc O’Polo or traditional companies such as Hiltl, Polo Ralph Lauren and MCNEAL have recognized the value of these timeless men’s trousers and brought them back to life. Whether as a 5-pocket trousers, as a chino or as pleated trousers, Cord is simply represented everywhere and makes a sporty, elegant or even rustic look, depending on the combination. All in all a fabric for true, style-conscious men.