Saturday , 19 August 2023
Black winter jackets

Black winter jackets

classic black It is still considered one of the autumn and winter colors par excellence – and it offers many advantages. Black winter jackets are insensitive to stains, conceal small problem areas and transform with individual accessories to your very own It-Piece.

Functional and trendy models for men

In the men’s area, a winter jacket often has to fulfill two main criteria: It has to be functional and fit well. If you meet these requirements, a black winter jacket with light downs could be just what you are looking for. Choose a model with practical pockets and a built-in hood for optimal protection in rain or snow. Slightly fancier – but still casual – your look will be great with a stylish parka that’s big with a slightly longer cut Men’s is very good. Last but not least, the classic for a stylish business or evening look: a black wool coat.

This is how ladies find their ideal black winter jacket

Ladies can look forward to an even wider selection of different cuts that optimally showcase different figure types. A slightly tailored wool coat in black emphasizes a female silhouette. A trendy oversized coat works great for great legs and draws attention to exciting boots or stockings. For the really cold days, however, one recommends black winter jacket from down, which keeps cold and water equally. A quilted, soft down short coat with an elegant waist belt combines feminine style with functionality. Scarf, hat and gloves offer further styling scope.