Sunday , 24 September 2023
Tom Tailor Winter Jackets

Tom Tailor Winter Jackets

Tom Tailor is a model from Hamburg, who designs everyday fashion with trendy designs and excellent material quality. The jackets of the brand are visually appealing, provide optimal comfort and protect you from wind and weather. Men and women can look forward to authentic models with a high degree of functionality.

Cool Tom Tailor jackets for adventurous gentlemen

Lifestyle and design are closely linked with the brand. That’s why at Tom Tailor you’ll find jackets that not only look good, but also meet your individual needs. For real outdoor adventurers, for example, there are cool parkas that offer plenty of space for GPS device and pocket knife with their many pockets. At the same time, they keep you warm and perfect for the city. Gentlemen who like to show themselves classic but still a bit daring will find the ideal companions in the leather jackets of Tom Tailor. Fans of sporty fashion can resort to the brand’s comfortable quilted jackets.

Trendy items that fashionistas love

Women who like the hip retro look will love the brand’s cool duffle coats. With their characteristic bars they set a successful accent. Some Tom Tailor jackets are plain colored while others feature cool ethno patterns. For extravagant looks, there are fancy blousons made of shiny satin fabric and anoraks, which show in soft pastel colors. Last but not least, do not miss out on the casual parkas that are made for a stylish military look with chinos and lace-up boots.