Sunday , 10 September 2023


Blazer in size 48

This garment elegantly completes an elegant look and looks good even in larger sizes. Wear a blazer in size 48 For example, as part of a pantsuit or costume or combine it as a distinctive style break to a casual casual jeans.

Style a blazer in size 48 elegantly

There can be many occasions when a more chic wardrobe is required. This can be a special festivity or even the everyday business dress code. Even if you have a slightly curvier figure, that does not mean that you have to do without a fashionable wardrobe: a Blazer in size 48 enhances every look in no time and emphasizes your preferences. This is ensured by the different cuts of the long and short blazers as well as the different color and pattern variants.

So you always make a good figure

At Blazers in size 48 Of course, attention is paid to a flattering seat. The garments are cut so that they do not apply. Instead, a fitted cut can even make the silhouette flattering. Many models also have a V-neck, which visually straightens the upper body. And if that blazer still has a stretch share, is also a comfortable fit nothing in the way.