Monday , 25 September 2023
Blazers in size 46 can be found for every occasion

Blazers in size 46 can be found for every occasion

With the right one Blazer in size 46 You can skillfully put your curves in the limelight. The classics are the ideal companions for the office or for solemn occasions. But even in everyday life, the Blazer gets more and more importance and is now also in casual designs, such as in stylish denim looks.

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Clever cuts allow you to perfectly emphasize your figure, conceal problem areas and highlight your benefits. Ladies with wide hips are best for longer Blazer in size 46, It will make you appear slimmer automatically. A narrow waist can be highlighted with a tailored model. A short blazer is also a good choice. A small belly can be concealed by an open blazer with slightly falling lapels. A long, narrow lapels is also ideal for this.

Blazers in larger sizes are available in a variety of styles and colors. If you like to grab the chic jacket in your free time, then these are Blazer in size 46 ideal, which consist of sweat fabric, denim or corduroy. Some models are even equipped with leather parts and look so extravagant. In professional life, however, it may be a little more elegant. Woven or linen models are the perfect choice here. By the way, blazers with a small amount of stretch are particularly comfortable.