Jeans for men

Jeans for men

Jeans are always trendy. In every season, in every weather – and for many decades. fashionable Men’s Jeans fit to everything and are an absolute all-rounder. If Loose fit. Boat cut. Tapered Fit. Straight cut or Skinny fit, Whether Indigo, Colored, Raw Denim or Old Blue – a jeans is a must have for every wardrobe and is missing in any fashion advice.

Classic men’s fashion: men’s jeans

Since its beginnings in nineteenth-century America, the men’s jeans has undergone several revolutions in menswear. Originally Levi Strauss designed only one robust, blue worker pants – the jeans. Men in the Wild West appreciated the durable trousers. In the 50s, she was with men’s T-shirts and leather jackets for Cult object of the rebellious youth; This was followed by the hip years of jeans. Both men and women shocked the generation of parents in postwar Europe with their blue trousers. Teenagers associated with the jeans the spirit of youth of a Marlon Brandos or Steve McQueens. Freedom, adventure and departure became the image of denim,

Designers made the jeans then in the 1960s to design object and reimported them back to the US – the country of origin of the jeans. The classic men’s jeans, the Levi’s 501 as a shrink-to-fit, reached its peak in the early 1980s. Men and women soon took the jeans as an integral part of leisure looks. In the 1990s, the men’s jeans varied in their cuts. Shapes like that Boyfriend jeans or the Baggy Pants came up. At the beginning of the new millennium, the charm of the unwashed, dark blue men’s jeans was discovered. The used look was born.

Today, there are noble men’s jeans from labels such as Diesel, G-Star Raw, Replay or Boss in various cuts such as Bootcut, Straight or with punch. Dark tones alternate in the trend carousel with lighter jeans. Men have many options to find the right men’s jeans for themselves.

The classic straight leg jeans

The Straight Leg Jeans is a true classic that can be worn on numerous occasions. It is suitable for the cool party look, for the casual leisure outfit as well as for the office or for special occasions, Straight leg jeans are available in various colors as well as with every imaginable wash. They are particularly adaptable combination partners who can still attract you well next year.

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Casual Relaxed Fit Jeans

Relaxed fit jeans for men are characterized by a wide cut, which allows a high wearing comfort and at the same time a casual look. The trendy trousers are particularly suitable for their relaxed appearance cool street style looks, For example, they harmonize wonderfully with comfortable sneakers and sporty hoodies. Models with destroyed parts or in a cool used-look look particularly casual.

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Trendy skinny jeans

Whether hipster or rocker, the men now like to wear the trendy skinny jeans. Models in black or dark blue are the perfect combination partner for numerous looks. A red and black plaid lumberjack shirt and a pair of chucks lend the skinny jeans one cool grunge characterwhile biker jacket and lace-up boots are the perfect combination partner for a rocking look are.

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Slim fit jeans – elegant and casual at the same time

The slim fit jeans have a body-hugging cut, but are not quite as tight as the skinny jeans. Models with uniform coloring can look quite elegant and in conjunction with a shirt and leather shoes can also be worn in the office or on special occasions. In addition, slim fit jeans are wonderful for relaxed casual looks, A fine knit sweater and a pair of loafers, for example, fit perfectly with the narrow-cut trousers.

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