Women’s Cardigans

Women’s Cardigans

Ladies cardigans

Ladies cardigans are an ideal complement to your outfit. In addition, they keep you warm and protect the hull from cold drafts. With a diverse selection of styles and knit patterns, you can find the right model for every look.

Modern vests for trendsetters

Extra long knit vests for women are just one of the absolute must-haves on the fashion parquet. They are not only very casual, but also have the side effect of hiding your hips. You can choose between a whole range of different designs. Fringe and ethnic patterned models add a natural flair to your look, while clean, straight-fit black models are perfect for the minimalism trend. It gets extravagant with fluffy cuddly vests in teddy-look. Real hippie flair, on the other hand, comes with the sophisticated combinations of knitting and crochet technique. For example, you can combine these models with denim shorts and batik shirts. To give the extra-long vests a feminine touch and to emphasize your figure, offer narrow waist belt.

Perfectly equipped thanks to traditional women’s knit vests

But there are also a lot more appealing for the more classic taste Ladies cardigans, Short and medium-length models in chic blazer look great for example over a chic blouse. The slightly falling lapels give you a very special look. Natural colors like beige or brown offer numerous combinations. It is traditional with West with tasteful knitting pattern. They go well with a plaid blouse or floral dress. For lovers of casual and at the same time practical clothing wide-cut knit vests with hood are just the thing. Distressed jeans and comfortable sneakers complete the trendy outfit.