Sunday , 17 September 2023
Red blouse – a classic always redesigned

Red blouse – a classic always redesigned

For years, blouses have found their firm place in the world of festive fashion. In addition, they are used again and again for serious business looks and should not be missing in any well-stocked wardrobe. In addition to classics in white, pink and gray, the color red is also becoming increasingly popular with blouses.

A red blouse stands for pure femininity and gives even some masculine outfit feminine chic. Ladies, the one red blouse paired with black trousers or a dark skirt, can wear this ensemble on numerous occasions: for a festive evening event these models are just as recommendable as for the office or everyday life. Last but not least red blouses Especially in winter and of course around the Christmas time always happy to wear.

Find a red blouse for every occasion

A red blouse can not only be elegant and noble, but there are also the tops for women in sporty styles. Ladies should opt for a checked blouse for this purpose. The casual shirts are highly recommended for the boyfriend style and look great in combination with sturdy jeans. If you want to round off the casual look, you can opt for sturdy boots and a leather jacket or skilfully put your red blouse with suede accessories in the spotlight. Women also have many different styling options available with a long blouse or printed blouse.

Such a red blouse makes a slim fit for tight trousers or tight leggings. With this look, the silhouette comes into its own and with high shoes, the legs are optically extended. If you are looking for a red blouse, you will find numerous models in uni or variants with large patterns. There are also real highlights with shiny rivets or glittering applications. However, a few things should be considered in the color shades: Ladies with a warm skin tone should preferably opt for a red blouse with an orange undertone.

These shades are flattering to the skin type and can be perfectly worn with muted tones. In addition, see red blouses very nice even with a cooler complexion. Here, however, it is important to pay attention to a pink undertone or to set to darker reds. Above all, the colors chimney red or bordeaux are especially popular here.