Linen pants of high quality

Linen pants of high quality

linen pants are a special type of men’s pants or women’s pants. In a time when jeans and chinos – as pants made of cotton – prevail, are linen pants only secondary. All the more fashionable has her positioning and all the more high-quality her image of something dusty natural material developed into a noble summer must-have.

Linen pants – Summer pants

Linen belongs to one of the oldest textiles, humanity. Already the mummies in Egypt were wrapped in linen fibers – a slightly different interpretation of linen pants, From ancient times to modern times, flax fiber was the material for the production of textiles. From the early 19th century, the natural fiber was then displaced by cotton – first in the United States and then later by imports in Europe. After the natural material played a secondary role until the mid-1980s, it was revived with increasing demand for natural fabrics, hand-woven items and high-priced products. Since then, linen shirts and linen pants back in vogue and are reissued every season.

Linen pants are focused in women’s fashion as in men’s fashion, especially on the summer season. They are considered ideal clothing – even in long cuts – for the warm season. The reason for this are the following positive properties of the linen:

  • hydrophobic (loving water, which benefits suction)
  • Low susceptible to dirt
  • Weak elasticity

But linen does not just have positive qualities. Especially when the quality of cheap models on the track remains, creases and greasy luster are taken into account negatively after incorrect handling. However, if you pay attention to the appropriate care – so wash instructions and ironing instructions – high-quality linen pants are the perfect companion for the summer.

Linen pants and linen shirts in the summer look

However, a pair of linen pants alone does not make a summer. Only in combination with a blouse, a shirt or a shirt made of natural material will the summery style be perfect. In the men’s fashion, there is a pleasant linen business option, the linen suit, especially for the warm months. It is cut wide with coarser fabric for casual occasions or in a new wool blend in particularly high quality and fine design for the office.

Still must-have Leinenhose n. Especially in the natural colors of the fabric, which move in different shades of brown and beige, as well as in a bleached version in lighter white enjoys the Leinenhose always popular.

Since the look always has a recreational character even with elegant patterns – at least if not just a mix of materials – are also mainly casual ladies shoes and men’s shoes to do so. Ideal are a pair of espadrilles, leather boat shoes or a pair of suede driving shoes, so that the linen pants are also perfectly styled.