Nike Air VRTX Sneaker Shoes

Nike Air VRTX Sneaker Shoes

NIKE Air VRTX sneakers

They are among the absolute cult classics: The VRTX Sneakers from NIKE Air delight with a stylish, colorful look, excellent wearing comfort, high-quality workmanship and high functionality. So they can be used both for training and for leisure.

The special features of the NIKE Air VRTX sneakers

The sneakers are largely made of high quality textile. Elegant leather elements round off the designs skillfully and give the shoes a particularly high-quality look. The sole is made of sturdy plastic and is equipped with a special cushioning. As a result, the impact force is significantly reduced, so that the NIKE Air VRTX Sneakers are also perfect for fast running. They can be worn during sports or as cool city shoes and combined in many ways.

Versatile designs for casual leisure styles

The label presents its models in a variety of designs. The plain-colored sneakers are made for simple, minimalist looks. You can opt for a bright white couple or choose models in neutral gray. If you fancy color, just grab one of the many multicolored designs. In most cases, the leather applications and the characteristic NIKE hook stand out in color from the rest of the shoe. For a relaxed leisure look, you can Nike Simply combine Air VRTX sneakers with casual jeans and a basic shirt.