A stylish suit for the bride’s father – look for the best fit

A stylish suit for the bride’s father – look for the best fit

Suits for the bride’s father

The wedding of one’s own daughter or son is a very special moment in the life of the parents. The father of the bride also has his big performance when he leads his daughter to the altar. For this moment, a stylish suit is a must.

The elegant two-parter for the occasion wants to be well chosen: he should sit properly and fit his own figure. High-quality materials express quality and provide comfort: finest new wool in different material mixes is breathable and thus well suited for both warmth and cold. If you are looking for convenience, opt for a model with stretch.

For an elegant look at your daughter’s wedding, a perfect fit is important. For example, men who opt for a kit suit: Here you can choose the pants size smaller than that of the jacket, which does not restrict the upper body in Comfort Fit. So you get the best wearing comfort. Very slender bride fathers look best in slim fit suits that are currently modern. They are close to the body and prevent you from being lost in your two-parter. The suit In regular fit is the golden middle between both variants and is preferred by most men, as it is neither too far cut nor the wearer.

The suit of the bride’s father – in agreement with the bride and groom

For a particularly successful visual impression, it is recommended for the father of the bride to discuss the colors and patterns with the bride and groom. It is especially harmonious when the gentlemen of the family appear in the same color. The handkerchief or the plug-in flower can then be chosen to match the bride. This results in a great overall concept and it makes a great impression when you lead your daughter to the altar.

The accessories for the suit – from the pocket square to the shoe

Your bride-father look will be especially enhanced if you choose a three-piece vest. It can, for example, pick up the colors of the wedding motto or also be suitable for your daughter’s dress. The matching tie in similar tones completes the ensemble. High-quality leather shoes make it complete. Access varnish models when the frame is raised.