Herschel is one of the traditional companies in the travel accessories segment – and has been around since the late 19th century. From emigrants in the Canadian village Herschel In the past, the label developed into an international top brand with a wide range of stylish bags and accessories. The focus of the collections is timeless design, an eye for detail and a special longevity.

If Herschel Bags, backpacks, or weekends for spontaneous travel – the Canadian fashion brand caters for all needs when it comes to elegant transportation. This is what the success story stands for and, along with it, the excellent reputation that the company has earned thanks to its perfect and sophisticated products.

Herschel – Exceptional backpacks with history

The Herschel Little America backpack is the classic of the collection and currently one of the most popular backpacks worldwide. Thanks to its padding, it is very comfortable to wear and offers enough storage space for all important everyday objects. Those who like to work on the go will also find a padded laptop compartment.

Over the years, the Herschel backpack optically only marginally changed and stands above all for a timeless elegance. Impressively, he provides the proof that proven products do not necessarily have to undergo a complete redesign. The designers use only high quality materials during processing. The characteristic feature of every backpack is the closure strap, which is still based on the original – so fashion-conscious tradition succeeds. As one of the hottest brands for bags, Herschel stands for a modern lifestyle – simple elegance and simultaneous functionality. In the collections, therefore, the combination of innovation and practicality comes first.

Perfect for short trips – the Herschel Weekender

Another classic among the travel and transport bags are the Herschel Weekender. With these bags you can fashion conscious and stylish spontaneous getaways or trips – without having to do without important utensils. The bags are very spacious, robust and highly functional. Depending on the design, the weekenders are ideal for day trips to the beach, as a fashionable sports bag for the gym or longer trips. All models have a double loop and are available in fashionable, muted colors. Herschel backpacks and weekenders make a fashion statement without sacrificing comfort.

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