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Men’s Quilted Jackets

Men’s Quilted Jackets

A quilted jacket for men: protection against low temperatures

The quilted jacket For Men’s is the best choice for particularly cold winter days. With its thick lining of down, it offers excellent insulation against the cold air. The quilted look is no coincidence: in the quilted chambers are down and at the same time can collect air, which is heated by the body heat and thus forms an insulating layer of air. A quilted jacket For Men’s uses your own body heat to protect against the cold.

The result is an unmistakable style, which was already very popular in the 90s and is currently experiencing its revival. It is characterized by a pronounced sportiness, which is supported by the casual jacket form of the jackets. Many models also have elastic cuffs to prevent cold air from entering the waist and sleeves. A men’s quilted jacket like a longer coat also protects the hips from cold temperatures and at the same time gives a more elegant look. So gentlemen have the choice of a number of very different quilted jackets,

A quilted jacket for men: sporty and elegant

In order to provide good protection even in wet weather, there are modern quilted jackets for men made of high quality polyester.

This synthetic material is very easy to care for and protects against rain and wind. At the same time moisture can escape from the inside to the outside, which additionally increases the wearing comfort. Through the use of polyester, most present themselves quilted jackets in a sporty design. To support the casual look, men have the choice of a number of chic color combinations. Some jackets also have contrasting zips and buttons.

But the fashionable quilted jacket for men is not just something for the sporty style. Because even for friends of a classic and elegant wardrobe, there are models with small checkered patterns that are reminiscent of jackets from the hunting mode. These models are mainly in natural colors such as brown, dark green or gray. In combination with classic lace-up shoes or boots, as well as with a fine pair of cloth trousers, an elegant and stylish outfit is created, which is also a good choice when going out with friends. So there is for every taste the matching quilted jacket for men, which keeps pleasantly warm in any case and convinces with great designs. Need more ideas for your perfect winter jacket? Take a look at our Wellensteyn jackets. Sure, there is something suitable for you.