Sunday , 3 September 2023
High Top Sneakers

High Top Sneakers

They reach to the ankle and prevent a painful kinking. In addition, they protect the foot very well. Because of this, the High Top Sneaker Also popular with skateboarders. Meanwhile, the shoes have also made their way into mainstream fashion. They inspire with cool looks and different surfaces, so that the right model can be found for every taste.

Cool sneaker for casual men outfits

Sportive men like to combine the trendy shoes with casual chinos and roll up the pants at the hem a little high. Both plain and colorful models are perfectly suited for this. Also for the modern slim fit pants see the High Top Sneaker great. To a black trousers, for example, fit shiny metallic models in fine silver or iridescent blue.

High top sneaker for ladies for street style looks

The ladies also like to grab the trendy shoes. The models with the discreet shaft go perfectly with leggings. Now all you need is an oversize sweater and your casual street look is perfect. Even the wide-cut boyfriend jeans are the high top sneakers to advantage. Alternatively, they can be worn as a style break element to a skirt or a dress.