Sunday , 3 September 2023
Men’s Straight Leg Jeans

Men’s Straight Leg Jeans

The straight-leg jeans are among the most classic of all models in men’s fashion. These 5-pocket jeans, as the name implies, are characterized mainly by the straight leg and usually have a very comfortable, loose cut. They are the ones who come closest to the original type of men’s jeans, after more than 140 years.

Classic men’s fashion: straight-leg jeans

Today’s straight-leg jeans can confidently be called the great-grandchildren of the first Levi’s 501, which was patented in 1873. At that time, the Jeans also referred to as so-called rivets or as Waistoveralls and served workers, gold diggers and cowboys as a robust work clothes. The pockets reinforced with copper rivets and the durable denim cotton were the main reasons for the enormous success of these pants. Only many decades later, after World War II, did the Jeans a veritable boom. They became the uniform of the rebellious youth through screen legends like Marlon Brando or James Dean and later through musicians and bands like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and the Strokes. Since that time, the 5-pocket jeans have firmly anchored in men’s fashion. They have always kept their cool and seditious charm.

The straight-leg jeans are now considered a true all-rounder of menswear, as the cut with the straight legs stretches the upper body and draws a particularly masculine silhouette. In the current fashion, however, not only more emphasis is placed on the fit. With time and emerging trends, the look and the details of the jeans moved more and more into the foreground. Above all, the different ablutions here always provide tension and make the straight-leg jeans to true eye-catchers. Absolutely indispensable are for example:

  • Straight leg jeans in cool colored denim
  • Straight leg jeans in authentic vintage wash
  • Straight leg jeans in the versatile Stone Wash