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Outfit for wedding guests

Outfit for wedding guests

Elegant fashion for wedding guests

For the most beautiful day in the life of your friends or relatives, you should show off your elegant side, without outshining the bride or groom. Designers use the design of the Fashion for wedding guests always value classic elegance. But you should also make your outfit dependent on the wishes of the bride and groom.

Chic evening wear is mandatory at most weddings. This means that the gentlemen come in a suit or a tuxedo and the ladies show themselves in smart dresses.

Women’s fashion for the wedding

The most important rule, if you as a woman Wedding outfit search: White clothes are taboo! The color is usually reserved for the bride. Avoid also light beige and cream tones, or make your clothes choice before with the bride and groom. This is also true if you opt for a black dress. Because for many, black is the color of mourning and therefore not welcome at weddings. This rule is not so common nowadays, so you may be able to make an exception. Especially in summer, as a wedding guest, you can like to dress in fresh colors Apricot or mint green. But all other colors are possible.

What elegant dresses are available for wedding guests? You can choose from beautiful long flowing dresses, which are sometimes playful, sometimes very elegant and sometimes puristic. Cocktail dresses and sheath dresses are also available at weddings. Fashion Listen for every female Wedding Guest of course not at dress on. Suitable shoes are pumps or high heels. If you want to grab flat shoes, is well advised with ballerina.

The alternative: trouser suits for the wedding

Are you looking for a wedding outfit, but do not want to dress as a guest? If you do not like to wear dresses or if the wedding takes place in winter, for example, a chic trouser suit is a successful alternative for women. The combination of suit pants and blazer makes the pantsuit for a stylish wedding outfit. Again, you should avoid white. However, nothing stands in the way of black trousers, for example in combination with a colorful blazer or a colorful blouse. Sophisticated cuts ensure that the trouser suit is classic, but does not look good. And with a blazer with floral pattern or in bright pink or red is sure to be bored with the Wedding fashion on!

Elegant menswear for wedding guests

Stylish suits are of course the appropriate Wedding outfit for male guests, However, fashion has much more to offer here than simple black models, which of course are also possible. But you also grab once to kinder colors. Strong blues or suits in soft pastel colors are a great alternative. On the tie In no case should you do without a wedding. It belongs to the elegant men’s fashion, but can also, even more chic, by a Fly be replaced. This is even necessary if you opt for a tuxedo instead of a suit.

With a chic pocket handkerchief you can once again pick up the color of the tie or bow tie and so on Wedding Guest create a harmonious overall impression and a splash of color with your fashion.