Saturday , 2 September 2023
With the right slippers you get through the winter perfectly

With the right slippers you get through the winter perfectly

In order for you to have warm feet at home, you need the right footwear. The range of slippers ranges from summer slippers to cuddly warm wool models for cold days. The designs are sometimes colorful and playful and sometimes very simple and timeless, so that certainly for your taste the right pair is there.

Colorful and cuddly warm companions for the home

For example, there are comfortable slippers that are perfect for the summer due to their airy design. The choices range from classic models in everlasting colors to colorful variants that make a splash with bright pink or fresh orange. In winter you can warm your feet in cozy high-heeled shoes. These models are made of wonderfully warm wool or decorative knitwear. In the transitional period mules are comfortable companions for the relaxed afternoon at home. These slippers are closed at the front and open at the back, so you can just slip in quickly.

When it gets colder outside, the temperature in the house usually drops. Especially floors are getting cold quickly. Then the time has come for closed shoes. They are available as half variants or even with a high shaft. The latter are reliable companions, especially in the deep winter. closed slippers can consist of the most diverse materials. Especially warm models of real wool. They have excellent thermal insulation and are breathable at the same time. In spring and summer shoes for the house should be as airy. Slippers with wide straps or light textile slippers are the perfect choice here. Thanks to a non-slip sole, you will not slip on parquet or tiles.