Monday , 18 September 2023
Women’s Winter Blazer : a real eye-catcher

Women’s Winter Blazer : a real eye-catcher

Blazer coat: elegance in perfection

For women, a blazer is the equivalent of a suit for men. In combination with a noble cloth trousers he simply always looks elegant and he also likes to wear casual jeans. Since it is not surprising that one blazer coat also very well received by ladies. The narrow coats extend either to the bottom or to the middle of the thighs. Who is for a shorter one blazer coat decides, benefits from many different styling options: The simple trousers are ideal for both blazers and blazer coats. In this combination, the noble look is particularly effective. In the office, at a festive event or a sophisticated evening event, this mix of blazer coat and elegant trousers will always look good. In addition, a blazer coat can also enhance a look with jeans and ballerinas. Here is the short-cut coat for ladies as an upgrade and gives the outfit that certain something. Similarly, when a blazer coat is used as an accessory. In this case, it is advisable to wear it to dresses or skirts and best open. So ladies have a classic addition to their wardrobe, which opens up new possibilities.

A long blazer coat: a real eye-catcher

A blazer coat made of a thin fabric gently envelops the silhouette, but without being obtrusive. Especially tall women can wear a long coat very well. If you are not that tall, you should make do with high heels or grab your boots. Of course, the color black turns a blazer coat into a timeless classic. This color is always just right and with jewelery and accessories, the coat gets a constantly new look. A styling tip: Noble brooches make a big collar stand out very well. In addition to coats with double or simple button row, there are also blazer coats with tie belt to discover. These models are not quite as strict and may be made of firmer fabrics. So they fit perfectly into their free time and in autumn they are used very often. Depending on the material, blazer coats have season all year round and are therefore a must-have fashion item that ladies of all ages should take a closer look at.